Duro-Sense Corporate / Supplier Code of Conduct

Duro-Sense Corporate / Supplier Code of Conduct

Duro-Sense Corporation is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility in respect to its operation, its products and its services. Duro-Sense Corporation strives to make a positive contribution to its customers, employees and society in general. In that regard, we are flowing down the following principles to our supplier base and ask that all of our suppliers adhere to these same principles.

Principle 1: Conflicts Of Interest Suppliers must not engage in activities that create, or appear to create, conflict between the supplier's interest and the interests of Duro-Sense Corporation. Duro-Sense Corporation employees will not accept gifts, favors or entertainment that have a value greater than we could reasonably reciprocate, or that obligate, or appear to obligate, them to act in any way contrary to the law, Duro-Sense Corporation's business interests, or Duro-Sense Corporation's ethical business practices.

Principle 2; Fair Competition Suppliers Will observe antitrust and competition laws in all locations in which they do business. In relationships with our suppliers, Duro-Sense Corporation avoids arrangements that restrict our ability to compete with others.

Principle 3: International Trade Laws Suppliers Will follow applicable international trade laws, including import and export controls, regulations and compliance with sanctions and anti-boycott laws. Suppliers have a responsibility to ensure they comply with trade laws and regulations in any country where they do business.

Principle 4: Improper Payments Suppliers must not seek to influence Others, either directly or indirectly, by paying bribes or kickbacks or by any other measure that is unethical, or that would tarnish Duro-Sense Corporation's reputation for honesty and integrity. Even the appearance of such conduct must be avoided.

Principle 5: Diversity and Inclusion
Suppliers shall embrace diversity and inclusion. We expect suppliers to value the diversity of unique talents, skills, abilities, cultures and experiences that enable people to achieve superior business results.

Principle 6: Fairness and Non-Discrimination
Suppliers shall select and place employees, and sub-suppliers, on the basis of their qualifications for the work to be performed, considering accommodations as appropriate and needed — without regard to race, religion, national origin, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and/or physical or mental disability. We expect our suppliers to support and obey laws that prohibit discrimination everywhere they do business.

Principle 7: Confidential Information
We consider information owned by Duro-Sense Corporation to be an asset and protect it accordingly. Some information we communicate publicly, including advertising, product documentation, news releases and public financial reporting. All other information — including, but not limited to, trade secrets, confidential financial information, new product or service development plans and Other corporate and personal information — we protect through appropriate and reasonable safeguards and, where applicable, legally enforceable agreements. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Principle 8: Protection of Assets
Suppliers shall preserve, protect and responsibly use all Duro-Sense Corporation assets to which they have access. This includes tangible and intangible assets, such as our brands, technology, business information and intellectual property. Suppliers must not make unauthorized disclosures Of trade secrets or other sensitive information belonging to the company, our customers, dealers, distributors or sales representative - either during their contract with our company or thereafter. When sharing Duo-Sense Corporation information with others, such as sub-tier suppliers, the supplier must ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect Duro-Sense Corporation interests.

Principle 9: Health and Safety
Suppliers must put safety first, With an ultimate goal Of preventing all injuries, occupational illnesses and safety incidents. Our suppliers must actively promote the health and safety of everyone on their property with policies and practical programs that help individuals safeguard themselves, their co-workers and Duro-Sense Corporation employees. Our commitment to safe practices extends throughout our value chain — from suppliers to end users. We expect suppliers to provide Duro-Sense Corporation with products and services that are safe and reliable.

Principle 10: Human Rights
Duro-Sense Corporation is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights
throughout our global operations. We are patterning our operation after the principles described in the United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization's 1998 Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We are committed to working with our business partners and suppliers to uphold these principles, as they undertake similar assessments in their own business and to develop their own approach to respecting human rights.

Principle 11: Conflict-Free Sourcing
Duro-Sense Corporation encourages its suppliers that manufacture components, parts, or products containing Conflict Minerals, to procure those materials from conflict-free sources. We expect our suppliers to adopt, implement and communicate to sub-tier suppliers their positions and policies regarding Conflict Minerals, and, where possible, require their down-stream suppliers to adopt and implement similar positions and policies. Suppliers are expected to work with sub-tier suppliers to trace conflict materials at least to the smelter level and encourage the use Of a standard reporting process (ex: the ElCC-GeSl Minerals Reporting Template). Duro-Sense Corporation reserves the right to request its suppliers to provide further evidence Of their conflict mineral supply chain,
including down to the mine level. We expect suppliers to maintain such traceability for five(5) years and provide this information to Duro-Sense Corporation upon request,

Principle 12: Innovation
We expect suppliers to leverage technology and customer insight to improve product performance, promote manufacturing to extend product life, and make job Sites more productive, safer, and more efficient

Principle 13: Environmental Responsibility
Duro-Sense Corporation focuses on improving the quality and efficiency Of our operation while reducing or environmental impact. We expect suppliers to support environmental stewardship by utilizing business processes that enable waste prevention, improve quality and promote the efficient use of resources in their locations. Duro-Sense Corporation will work with suppliers to improve the processes and systems used throughout the manufacturing and delivery of our products. Suppliers are required to comply with environmental laws and regulations.

Principle 14: Water Conservation Stewardship
Duro-Sense Corporation acknowledges the scarcity of water resources is an issue that crosses cultures, geographies, and industries with far-reaching economic, social, and environmental implications. Our suppliers are expected to implement policies and procedures to ensure water discharges are minimized or eliminated and reduce water consumption in water-scarce regions.

Principle 15: Emissions Reduction
Duro-Sense Corporation recognizes that energy is a key requirement for sustainable progress and development around the world, and is foundational to economic and social development. Greenhouse gases have the potential to affect climate patterns. Our suppliers are expected to implement policies and procedures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Suppliers should work toward minimizing or eliminating emissions to the air, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the use of co-generation and alternative or renewable energy sources.

Principle 16: Waste Reduction
Duro-Sense Corporation works to reduce waste as a good environmental steward and as an
important strategy for competing in today's market. Our suppliers are expected to develop policies and procedures to reduce by-product materials, minimize or eliminate hazardous waste, increase the recycling of waste streams, ensure proper disposal and recycling methods are employed, and improve overall efficiency Of products, processes, services, and solutions.