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Quality & Accuracy

Higher Quality Products Translates into Long-Term Success: Quality is about meeting or exceeding customer expectations. That's where the true value is. It can be measured not only in greater customer satisfaction, but also in higher productivity, greater efficiency in operations, even innovation and employee engagement. However, companies face many obstacles. Rising labor costs, material costs, freight costs, and a multitude of other costs that inflate overhead and limit how much companies can spend on quality practices. Therefore, organizations cannot just be good at quality, they need to be smart about it, too.

Fast is Fine, But Accuracy is Everything: Thermocouple accuracy can be defined as the amount of error that exists in its temperature measurement. It demonstrates how close the value of the measured temperature of a given thermocouple is compared to the true temperature value.

Stability & Longevity

Thermocouple Stability and Understanding Drift: When a thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of a particular environment, it can be expected that the measured voltage does not change if the temperature of that environment remains constant. Actually, the voltage can change over time, even though the temperature of the environment remains constant: this phenomenon is called DRIFT. Drift is a source of error in thermocouple measurement.

Custom Fabrication & Design Assistance

Custom manufacturing is the process of designing, engineering and producing a product that conforms to a customer's unique specifications, including made-to-order parts, one-offs, short production runs, and mass customization. Developing an idea for a product is fine, but it becomes meaningless if you can't produce it. Manufacturing a product properly requires a thorough understanding of the design, materials and budget.

Lead Time

Shorter Lead Times Make Happier Customers: Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be closely tied to how quickly customers receive their orders. In terms of supply chain, lead time is a big part of any successful business. Reducing lead times as much as possible is vital to a company's success.

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