Duro-Sense Insulators

Duro-Sense Insulators

Duro-Sense selects our insulators based on their ability to withstand elevated temperatures or to resist thermal shock. Our catalog listing, groups our insulators in these classifications for convenient selection. Some sizes and lengths are available in more than one classification. The thermocouple insulators listed on the following page are generally carried in stock for quick delivery. Other sizes can be made to suit individual requirements.

Mullite Insulators
  • High Temperature
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • Maximum Continuous Temperature 2640ºF (1450ºC)
  • Maximum Intermittent Temperature 3000ºF (1650ºC)
Cordierite Insulators
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Fair Physical Strength & Electrical Properties
  • Maximum Continuous Temperature 2280ºF (1250ºC)
  • Maximum Intermittent Temperature 2370ºF (1300ºC)
Alumina Insulators
  • Excellent High Temperature Insulation
  • Good Electrical & Mechanical Properties
  • Maximum Continuous Temperature 3000ºF (1650ºC)
  • Maximum Intermittent Temperature 3300ºF (1815ºC) 
Duro-Sense Insulators

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